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Asian and Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association

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Mission Statement:

Recognizing and honoring the rich ethnic, cultural and social diversity of University of Washington Asian and Pacific Islander American faculty and staff, the purpose of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Faculty and Staff Association (APIAFSA) is to create, engage, maintain, and sustain a visible and supportive APIA community through the following goals:

  • Increasing education and dialogue on issues affecting Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
  • Supporting leadership and career development and advancement among APIA faculty and staff
  • Advocating for issues in higher education that affect APIA faculty and staff
  • Assisting in the recruitment, support, and retention of APIA faculty and staff
  • Providing opportunities for professional and social networking
  • Fostering the exchange of diverse intellectual, social, cultural, and political perspectives
  • Working in collaboration with other UW affinity groups and units to build a diverse, inclusive, engaging, intellectual and social learning environment for all at the UW

The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) and UW Human Resources (UWHR) partner to support employee affinity groups at the University of Washington. Affinity groups are open to all UW employees.