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Mobile website accessibility

Most of the web accessibility issues described throughout this website apply to all web pages, regardless of whether they’re accessed on a desktop computer or on the smaller screen of a phone, tablet, or other device. However, there are a few web accessibility issues that are unique to mobile devices.

For an overview of this issue see Mobile devices in our IT Accessibility Checklist.

The W3C has created a resource Mobile Accessibility: How WCAG 2.0 and Other W3C/WAI Guidelines Apply to Mobile, which provides extensive detail on how to apply various WCAG success criteria to the mobile web.

In addition, WCAG 2.1 introduced four new Level A and AA success criteria related specifically to mobile devices. Direct links to these success criteria are available at the bottom of the Mobile devices page in our IT Accessibility Checklist.

Another excellent resource is MDN’s Mobile Accessibility Checklist, a concise checklist of accessibility requirements for mobile developers, which they continue to update as standards and best practices evolve.