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Applies to

  • Websites
  • Documents


Web pages and documents should have titles that describe their function or purpose. This is used in a variety of ways, and is helpful for all users. For example:

  • The title is typically the first content announced by screen readers when a new page or document is loaded.
  • The title appears in the title bar of the window for some software application.
  • The title appears in the tab in web browsers.
  • The title identifies the page or document when it is added to favorites or bookmarks.
  • The title identifies the page in search results.

Given its importance, content authors should assign titles to their web pages or documents that are meaningful and easy to read, given all of the above use cases. See the links below for specific techniques.


WCAG 2.1 success criteria

The issues described on this page, and associated Techniques pages, map to the following success criteria in the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1: