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IT Accessibility Task Force Training Subcommittee Report Executive Summary

This report, prepared by the Training Subcommittee of the IT Accessibility Task Force, provides a summary of research conducted between June 2021 and March 2022 and proposes a model and recommendations for follow-up tasks. To prepare recommendations, the subcommittee assessed the nature of training at UW, identified existing IT accessibility trainings, collected information about asynchronous online training platforms, and reviewed examples from peer institutions.

The findings from this research inform our recommendation for packaging and promoting accessibility trainings in three categories, which vary by goal, length of training, and target audience, as shown in the table below.  The table includes examples of existing trainings, as well as gaps where possible future trainings may be warranted.

For an inventory of existing trainings, see our Training Opportunities web page.

For additional details about the research that led to these recommendations, see the full report (a Google doc).

Accessibility Trainings in Three Categories

Basic Trainings Modular Trainings In-depth Trainings
Goal To raise awareness about digital accessibility and available resources for learning more To provide basic foundation skills in specific functional areas To build on foundation skills and develop solid digital accessibility skills
Length of trainings Short sections integrated into existing trainings 5 minutes – 1 hour Several hours
Target audience All UW employees UW employees with particular job functions Members of the IT Accessibility Liaisons network
Example topics High level messaging: Our websites, digital documents, videos, and software we purchase could be erecting barriers to people with disabilities if not created properly. Learn about accessibility (with common examples that most audience members can relate to). Introductory trainings in:

  • Web accessibility
  • Document accessibility
  • Video accessibility
  • Accessibility of online courses
Same as Tier 2, but more advanced.
Existing trainings
  • Accessible Tech monthly webinars & archives
  • Teaching Online 101 (accessibility integrated into the course)
  • Siteimprove Academy courses
  • Accessibility 101 Canvas course
  • IAAP Certification Courses
  • LinkedIn Learning Courses
Possible future trainings DEI training, required for UW employees via SB 5227 Series of short 5-minute trainings