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Together We Will

A heart for health care

Taylor Boyd, a proud second-generation Husky, is committed to giving back to the community and to providing health services to underserved populations.

The Husky Experience: Find your learning community

Through the Husky Experience, UW students become global citizens, critical thinkers and community leaders.

Arctic immersion

Students Jason Young and Walter O’Toole journeyed to the Canadian Arctic to study the native tongue of the Inuit by immersing themselves in the culture there.

Focus on students

President Michael K. Young continues the conversation he started in his Annual President’s Address with an opportunity for students to share ideas with him in an open forum setting.

Student spotlight

Devin Bell

Devin Bell

“Being a scholarship recipient and a member of the UW Boxing Team has been very rewarding. I feel supported here, like I’m part of a close family that constantly motivates me to grow as a leader, athlete and person.”

Yuriana Garcia

Yuriana Garcia

“As a student leader, I have found an enormous amount of growth at the University of Washington by being involved in programs and organizations that work to increase the number of first-generation, underrepresented students attending college and obtaining degrees.”

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