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September 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

New Public Health Service (PHS) Sponsor Web site

  • To make it easy to find the list of current Public Health Service sponsors, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page.The FCOI online training and other communications will have links to this page.

SAGE Record retention – Removing aged eGC1 attachments

  • In compliance with the UW Records Retention policy, on October 1st, 2013, we will be removing attachments from grant applications (eGC1s) which were never awarded and have a sponsor deadline before January 9, 2009. This will free up storage space and simplify data management. The eGC1s without their attachments will remain in SAGE for reporting purposes. We informed all affected PIs on September 19, 2013.

Users are no longer able to send disclosure notifications from eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”

  • If the sponsor has not yet been filled in, you will not be able to send the notifications either. This will help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the investigators are updating their SFI in FIDS.

We have improved the organization of the disclosures on the PI & Personnel pages.

  • The primary disclosure will display in italics, followed by related disclosures ordered from most recent to oldest. Users will be able to view the one-year history of all of an Investigator’s submitted disclosures by clicking the new Investigator Disclosure History link.

This pop-up window displays the investigator’s disclosure history for the past year. It displays when you click the Investigator Disclosure History link for a specific investigator on the PI & Personnel page.

The Investigator section lists the person’s name and employee number.

The One Year Disclosure History section displays a table of disclosures with the following information.

Field Description
Disclosure Submitted The date the investigator completed this disclosure.
Disclosure Number The unique number assigned by the Financial Interests Disclosure System (FIDS) to the disclosure when it was created.
Primary eGC1 The number of the eGC1 associated with this disclosure. If the disclosure is for C4C, IRB, or SFI-only then “(not available)” is displayed.
Review Status The current status of the disclosure.
FCOI Status The result of the disclosure’s review.

If an investigator has never completed a disclosure in FIDS, or has not completed one in the last 12 months, the following message will display.

  • This investigator has not submitted any disclosures within the past year.

July 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

Notification dates were added to the PI & Personnel page.

  • To help administrators know when to follow up with investigators, the PI & Personnel Page now displays the date when each investigator was notified by SAGE email to create a disclosure for an eGC1 and when the eGC1 reaches the Just in Time (JIT) phase.


  • We fixed several bugs related to PI Assurance so that PI Assurance values will be retained and displayed appropriately. We also corrected all of the eGC1s that were affected by the bugs.

The Disclosure Notification section appears on the PI & Personnel page.

disclosure notification section

The Send Disclosure Notification button is used to notify investigators that they have to complete a disclosure (thus linking the disclosure with the eGC1). The button displays both before and after OSP approves the eGC1.

Note: If the Sponsor name (on the Details page) is either blank or “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor” the Send Disclosure Notifications button will be grayed out, and an alert message displays. Once you select a Sponsor, the button will become active.

You should send Disclosure Notifications:

  • As soon as possible when the eGC1 is composing. If you haven’t sent the notifications  before you complete the eGC1, SAGE will automatically send them (at Noon and 10:00 PM daily).
  • Whenever you add a new investigator.
  • At Just in Time (JIT) for eGC1s that were approved prior to 8/17/2012.

To send an email message to let each investigator know that they need to complete a disclosure, click the Send Disclosure Notifications button. Once you send the notification, the Compliance Details information (in the Personnel section) will change from “Disclosure Notification not Sent” to “Disclosure Required”.

If an investigator has an unlisted email, that information will display under their name in the Personnel section. When you select the Send Disclosure Notifications button, an informational message appears, explaining that the standard email text (as shown below) will be included in an email to the eGC1 Preparer with instructions to forward it to the investigator.


Note: SAGE will send only one email notification to each investigator. If an investigator misplaces the email message, they can access FIDS at  http://www.washington.edu/research/tools/fids/

Sample disclosure message:

Subject Line: ACTION REQUIRED: Your completion of a Disclosure for eGC1 A99999

Email Content:

ACTION REQUIRED: You are required to complete a disclosure for this eGC1 whether or not you have related Significant Financial Interests (SFI). Do this as soon as possible, as OSP will not submit applications to sponsors without a completed disclosure.

Role – Co-Investigator
eGC1 # – A99999
eGC1 title – [the application long title]
PI name – John Doe
Sponsor – American Mathematical Society
Sponsor Deadline Date – 10/15/2014

Please click the link below to access the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS): http://www.washington.edu/research/tools/fids/.

  • Click the Sign In button to display your FIDS Profile
  • Scroll down to the Disclosures section
  • Click the Complete Disclosure button associated with this eGC1

Per GIM 19, the application should be received in OSP at least seven (7) business days before the sponsor deadline, and not later than three (3) business days. Your disclosure should be completed no later than the time the application arrives in OSP.

Note: If you have a PHS sponsor, you will be required to take the FCOI training prior to engaging in the research.