Professional Staff Organization

Contribute to PSO

The UW PSO is a dynamic and diverse organization that has been shaped by talented members for over 20 years. The possibilities for the future are limitless. The time and effort to run PSO programs and initiatives is donated by volunteers, but funds are needed as well.

Please consider a small payroll deduction of $3 per pay period. If 50 people signed up this year, PSO would receive $3,000, which is equivalent to:

  • 18 employees receiving a Pro Staff Award
  • 60 employees going to a two-day professional development class
  • Continuation of an interactive shared leave website, connecting donors with recipients
  • Six employee scholarships to attend classes

Together, with a very small amount, we can accomplish a multitude of creative initiatives to benefit professional staff here at the University of Washington. Help us to continue discovering the possibilities.

To discontinue contributions:

  1. On the PSO website click the Mail-in contribution form.
  2. Complete the form and check the “stop deduction” box.
  3. Email or mail the form to the PSO Treasurer. (Address located on the form.)

Or you may:

  1. Click click the Online contribution form.
  2. Complete the catalyst survey form and check the “Stop deduction” box. An email notification will automatically be sent to the PSO Treasurer.