May 2, 2011

Join me for community conversations, starting May 4

Dear Members of the UW Community: First, I want to congratulate UW President-designate Michael Young and welcome him to our community. His impressive background in academia and public service as well as his extensive leadership experience and commitment to collaboration make him a wonderful fit for our University, and I look forward to working with… Read More

April 25, 2011

President-designate: Michael K. Young


  The University of Washington Board of Regents today authorized board Chairman Herb Simon to offer the presidency of the UW to Michael K. Young, president of the University of Utah, and to negotiate an employment agreement with him. The agreement is subject to approval by the board. News release on Young’s selection Presidential transition… Read More

April 18, 2011

Budget update from the president

Dear Members of the UW Community: This message is longer than usual and is filled with information about our ongoing budget discussions with legislators; with faculty, students and staff; and with external stakeholders. We clearly face enormous challenges. The most immediate impact will be felt by the time we decide on the UW FY12 budget,… Read More

April 6, 2011

Statement from UW Interim President Phyllis Wise on House budget


It is discouraging to see half of the state’s appropriation for the UW disappear in the space of two biennia. On the one hand, we are grateful that the House budget writers recognize the links among tuition, state funds, and financial aid. When the state does not have the funds to support higher education, raising… Read More

March 18, 2011

Responding to the disasters in Japan

Dear Members of the UW Community: The widespread devastation wrought by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has deeply touched and saddened our UW community. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan as they grapple with the aftermath of these tragic events. Fortunately, all UW students and faculty who were in Japan… Read More

March 9, 2011

Town Hall video archive

UWTV broadcast Tuesday’s Town Hall with President Phyllis Wise and an archive is available here >

March 1, 2011

Town Hall meeting about the UW budget, March 8


Dear Members of the UW Community: There has been a good deal of media coverage recently about the possible impacts of significant state budget cuts at the UW. These stories are in response to a request we received from some of our state legislative leaders who wanted to know what state budget reductions would look… Read More

February 25, 2011

UW describes potential effects of large budget cuts

In response to a request from legislative leaders, Interim President Phyllis Wise outlined the effect of budget cuts that were at the level of the governor’s proposed cuts (about $189 million) plus 15 or 30 percent. Those effects could include: Up to 500 fewer Washington residents in the freshman class Loss of up to 1,800… Read More

January 19, 2011

What is a college education worth?


The UW Office of External Affairs this morning released a document that looks at what a college education is worth for the citizens, community, employers, state and students. It says, for example, that college graduates can expected to earn twice as much as non-grads and that by 2018, 63% of available jobs in the U.S…. Read More