Office of the President

October 29, 2020

Proposed rule change would needlessly hinder international students and the work of the University

Ana Mari Cauce

At the University of Washington, we recognize and celebrate the immense positive impact that our international students bring to our classrooms, labs and community. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security proposed changing the rules for international student visas to establish a fixed period of admission to the United States, of two or four years, for new F and J visa holders. In response to this proposal, I have submitted a letter outlining the negative effects of this proposal and requested that it be withdrawn.

This wholly unnecessary proposed change would have dramatic impacts on the UW international student community, and I formally requested that the department not enact the proposed rule given the negative impact these changes will have on the overwhelming majority of international students at the UW.

The UW is a vibrant community because of our global engagement – as our work fight the COVID-19 pandemic vividly illustrates. Unfortunately, this rule change is not the first attack on our international students by the current administration, but we have and will continue to vocally advocate for our students and for the rich exchange of ideas and scholarship in our academic community. Above all, we will continue to take part in the global exchange of ideas in our ongoing efforts to create positive impact in all that we do.