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October 13, 2017

What We’re Reading, October 9-13

Here’s a selection of articles we’re reading this week. Meet the Trump Whisperer – Few people are closer to Trump than Thomas J. Barrack Jr., his friend for three decades. Barrack helped rescue Trump’s real estate empire years ago. He was the top fundraiser for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He turned down a Cabinet offer, preferring…

Administration to Cut Health Insurance Subsidies

Late Thursday, President Trump announced the Administration will no longer pay subsidies to health insurance companies that help pay out-of-pocket costs of low-income people. These plans were disclosed hours after the President issued an executive action yesterday to change the nation’s insurance system, including sales of cheaper policies with fewer benefits and fewer protections for consumers. The…

Nominee for DHS Secretary Named

At a White House ceremony yesterday, Kirstjen Nielsen was introduced by President Trump as his nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The previous secretary, John Kelly, is now the White House Chief of Staff. Elaine Duke is currently serving as the Acting Secretary of DHS. Nielsen is currently the principal deputy chief of staff under Kelly…

October 12, 2017

House Passes Emergency Spending

Today, the House voted overwhelmingly to provide $36.5 billion in disaster relief for victims of recent hurricanes and wildfires, as well as emergency credit to help Puerto Rico keep its government functioning. The spending bill, known as a supplemental appropriations measure, now moves to the Senate for consideration next week.

New NOAA Administrator Nominee Named

Yesterday, the White House announced the President’s intent to nominate Barry Myers as Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere at the Department of Commerce.  Myers has served at the CEO of AccuWeather since 2007. Read more about the nomination here and here.

Executive Order on Health Care Issued

Today, President Donald Trump issued a presidential directive to broaden the development of business association health plans, ease restrictions on short-term medical insurance and expand employer health care reimbursement accounts. The memorandum starts the rulemaking process, which will forge the details of the plans’ requirements. The White House is attempting to expand access to health insurance policies…

October 10, 2017

More Disaster Relief; Tax Reform Slowly, Slowly

It’s getting expensive to deal with disaster relief. Going first, the House is scheduled to vote this week on the second installment of hurricane relief aid. While the Trump administration requested $29.3 billion, lawmakers have been busy trying to add to the total. Texas lawmakers want an extra $18.7 billion for victims of Hurricane Harvey, which…

October 9, 2017

DACA Deal Proposed

President Trump released a list of measures to restrict immigration that the Administration wants in exchange for passing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program into law. The White House called for the border wall; tougher penalties for asylum fraud; faster deportation of unaccompanied minors; a grant cutoff to sanctuary cities; restriction of permanent-residency sponsorship by U.S….

October 6, 2017

What We’re Reading, October 2-6

Here’s a selection of articles we’re reading this week. Will the 8th go blue? – The recent retirement announcement by seven-term U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert opens Washington’s first truly competitive congressional race since 2010. The 67-year-old Reichert was hardly the most obvious contender to step aside nationwide, especially after a 20-point win in 2016. But with Republican…

October 5, 2017

House Passes Budget

House Republicans passed budget legislation today that sets the stage for an ambitious tax bill that they plan to pass. The House measure includes language that would allow the Senator to pass a tax measure without invoking cloture. The Senate is proceeding on a separate track toward passing its own budget, which will have to be…

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