Obama Delivers State of the Union

Last night, President Barack Obama used his fifth State of the Union address to lay out an ambitious second term policy agenda.  The president called for comprehensive immigration reform, managing college costs, raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour, universal access to preschool for all four year olds, gun safety, climate change, $50 billion for… Read More

Newly Introduced Legislation

A roundup of bills introduced this week that may be of interest to the higher education community: S. 216: A bill to prevent harassment at institutions of higher education. (Also known as the Clementi Act) Sponsor: Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) Introduced: 2/4/2013 Last Major Action: Referred to Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Cosponsors: 5… Read More

This Week in Congress

A roundup of bills introduced this week that may be of interest to the higher education community: H.R. 359: A bill to establish and operate a National Center for Campus Public Safety. The bill would provide grants to institutions of higher education to assist in carrying out the functions of the Center.  Sponsor: Robert Scott… Read More

This Week in Congress

A roundup of bills introduced this week that may be of interest to the higher education community: S.1: A bill to reform America’s broken immigration system. The priority number of this bill indicates that it will likely be used for some sort of immigration reform in this congress – it will also change several times… Read More

New Bills of Interest

The following are some bills that have been introduced in the first weeks of the 113th Congress that may be of interest to members of the UW community: HR 118 (Holt, D-NJ) – National STEM Education Tax Incentive for Teachers Act of 2013, which would provide a credit for qualified tuition expenses up to $1000… Read More

Recently Introduced Offshore Drilling Bill Would Create New NOAA Grant Program

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D – TX) introduced the Deficit Reduction, Job Creation, and Energy Security Act (HR 70) last week, The bill directs the Secretary of Interior and the Secretary of Commerce, acting through NOAA, to initiate immediate action to create jobs in America by taking advantage of leasing opportunities and development of offshore… Read More

Congressman Heck Named to House Financial Services Committee, Will Give up Budget Committee Post

In a rare appointment for a freshman Member of Congress, Congressman Denny Heck has been selected by his colleagues to serve on the House Financial Services Committee. The Committee is one of only four “exclusive” committees in the House—the other three being Appropriations, Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce. The House Financial Services Committee… Read More

This Week in Congress

The Senate is in recess through this week. The House returns from recess on Wednesday. The House Rules Committee is expected to clear the way for floor consideration of three appropriations bills to be taken up over the next couple of weeks: MilCon/VA, Energy and Water, and Homeland Security. These may very well be the… Read More

Circular A-21

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced its intent to issue an Advanced Notice of Proposed Guidance (ANPG) on Circular A-21, the government publication which governs cost recovery associated with grant-making. This is a follow-on effort to the White House’s interagency Circular A-21 Task Force.  The ANPG will seek comments on initial reform proposals OMB… Read More

Sequestration: What it means for Federal Research Funding

Automatic spending cuts, or sequestration, was established through the Budget Control Act passed by Congress last August and is set to go into effect January 2013.  The sequestration process has great implications for all federal discretionary programs, including most – if not all – of federally funded research programs. Below is a link to a… Read More