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March 27, 2015

Budgets, Doc Fix, and Reid Retiring

Breaking News: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will not run for reelection in 2016, he said in a video message released this morning. Budget: GOP leaders in the House and Senate have achieved a major goal of approving their fiscal 2016 budget resolutions this week. The House approved their proposal on Wednesday with the Senate

March 23, 2015

Busy Budget Week in Congress

It’s shaping up to be a busy week as Capitol Hill continues its efforts to finally pass a repeal and replacement of the much-maligned Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) or “Doc Fix.” While a group of bipartisan legislative leaders released the broad outlines of a proposal last week, we are sure to see more detailed legislative

March 19, 2015

House Budget Bill — Update

After a marathon markup that ran late into the evening, the House Republicans passed the bill out of the Budget Committee along a party line vote this morning. Late last night, the House Republican caucus seemed sharply divided between defense hawks and those committed to cutting spending. According to an analysis from the Committee for Education Funding,

March 18, 2015

Senate Introduces Budget Resolution

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) introduced the Senate Budget today, whihc differs in big ways from a House GOP blueprint introduced yesterday. Both aim to balance the budget (the Senate in 10 years, the House in nine) and both cut over $5 billion in spending (the Senate cuts $5.1 trillion and the House would cut

March 17, 2015

House Budget Released

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) released the House Republican budget draft today, which in recent years has been largely a political document. The House Democrats are expected to release a competing draft soon. The federal budget, while it does not become law, does have to pass both chambers of Congress and will guide the House and Senate

February 27, 2015

Two Things We Learned this Week

1. Republicans are on a collision course over DoD spending: The long-brewing squabble between GOP defense hawks and fiscal hawks over defense spending is coming to a head, with the House Budget Committee planning to move a budget resolution that sets base defense spending next fiscal year $35 billion below what the Pentagon requested. But

February 2, 2015

It’s Budget Day!

President Obama will release his FY2016 budget today and it will push for tens of billions of dollars more in federal spending by arguing the deficit has been cut and the economy is much improved since he first took office six years ago. His fiscal 2016 budget plan will flip that by making the case

January 29, 2015

President to Propose an End to Sequestration

President Obama will advocate for an end to sequestration by proposing equal budget increases in both defense and non-defense discretionary spending in his FY2016 budget to be released on Monday. Obama is giving a ‘sneak peak’ of his budget to House Democrats at their  retreat in Philadelphia today. According to a White House source, the

January 20, 2015

State of The Union

Tonight at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific, President Obama is scheduled to give his 6th State of the Union address to Congress. The White House has been previewing certain initiatives, such as two years of free community college and paid sick leave, in advance of the speech tonight. Tonight, however, the crux of his speech is

January 6, 2015

Welcome 114th Congress! Oh, and it’s Snowing!

The 114th Congress convenes today under a blanket of snow in Washington, DC. While the snow is expected to taper off by midday, disagreements over budget priorities that have stymied Congress in recent years won’t go away so soon and are likely to lead to the first vetoes of appropriations bills in nearly a decade.

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