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116th Congress

May 23, 2019

Two More Spending Bills Clear House Committee

After a full day of markups, the House Appropriations Committee reported out yesterday afternoon two more FY2020 spending bills . The Commerce-Justice-Science bill (see relevant documents here), which funds, among other agencies, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and NOAA, was approved 30 to 22. The Interior and Environment bill (see relevant documents here), which funds a host…

May 22, 2019

Two More Approps Bills Clear Committee

As scheduled, the House Appropriations Committee approved yesterday two more bills for FY2020. The $690-billion Defense measure was approved by a vote of 30 – 22. The committee adopted by a vote of 31 to 21 the $46-billion Energy and Water bill. Two more measures– Transportation- Housing and Agriculture– are slated for subcommittee action tomorrow.

House Bills Reject Proposed Cuts to Science and Research

This morning, the House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to markup the FY2020 Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS) and Interior bills, measures that largely reject the cuts to science and research proposed by the Administration in its budget request. CJS NSF The National Science Foundation (NSF) would be funded at $8.64 billion under this bill, an increase of $561.1…

May 20, 2019

Defense and Energy and Water Reports Now Available

Ahead of the markup scheduled for tomorrow, the House Appropriations Committee has released the report for the House bill and the report for the Energy and Water bill. Defense The Defense bill to be marked up tomorrow would fund the basic and applied research programs in the following manner: Total Basic Research (“6.1”):  $2.51 billion (4.2% below the FY2019 level…

4 More Bills Teed Up for Full Committee Action

Four more FY2020 spending bills are scheduled to be taken up by the full House Appropriations Committee this week. On Tuesday, the committee is expected to mark up the Defense and Energy and Water Development bills.  The committee is scheduled to bring up the Commerce-Justice-Science and Interior measures on Wednesday. The reports for the bills have not yet been…

May 16, 2019

Increases for NSF, NOAA, NASA in House CJS Bill

As noted previously, the House Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill is scheduled to be marked up on Friday.  A copy of the draft bill has just been released.  The accompanying report will not become available until after the subcommittee markup, just before the full committee markup, which is most likely to occur sometime next week. While most details will not…

May 14, 2019

Bill Texts Released

In preparation for the markups scheduled for tomorrow, the texts of the House Energy and Water Development, Interior, and Defense spending bills have been released by the Appropriations Committee. While most details in the bills will not become public until the accompanying reports are released, some highlights are now available. Energy and Water Energy Efficiency…

House Moves Ahead on More Spending Bills

Three more FY2020 appropriations bills are scheduled to be taken up at the subcommittee level this week.  By the end of the week, seven of the 12 spending measures will have been acted on by their respective subcommittees. On Wednesday, the Defense, Interior, and the Energy and Water Development bills are scheduled to be marked…

May 10, 2019

Patrick Shanahan To Be Nominated as Defense Secretary

The White House announced yesterday that the President intends to nominate Patrick Shanahan as the next Secretary of Defense.  Shanahan, the former Boeing executive and University of Washington regent, has been serving as the acting secretary since the beginning of the year after the resignation of Jim Mattis.  While he is expected to face a…

May 8, 2019

Appropriations Process Moves Forward

Before officially taking up the FY2020 Labor-HHS-Education funding bill, the House Appropriations Committee approved a total of $1.295 trillion in new discretionary spending for the upcoming fiscal year.  The committee also adopted, along party lines, the allocation of funds to each of the 12 subcommittees, or “302(b)s.” Of the total amount of $1.295 billion, the…

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