Federal Relations

January 24, 2019

Senate Set to Vote on Competing Measures; Is That Progress?

The Senate is scheduled to take up today two competing bills drafted to end the partial shutdown. Neither is expected to move forward.

The Republican measure follows the provisions outlined in President Trump’s remarks last weekend.  In addition to reopening the government, the bill also includes, among other provisions: $5.7 billion for a physical barrier; a three-year extension of protected status for 700,000 individuals currently in DACA; and a short-term extension for those currently Temporary Protected Status.  It would also make changes to the asylum process.

The Democrats’ counter-offer would reopen the government on a short-term basis through February 8, with no new funds for a border wall.  It also includes additional disaster funds and language that puts restrictions on how border security funds could be used.

With the current 53-47 make-up of the Senate, and because 60 votes would be needed to cut off debate and bring either measure to a vote, neither bill is expected to move forward in the process.  However, the votes today represent the first floor action in the Senate of any kind related to the reopening of the government since before the holidays.