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The ripple effect of undergraduate research is far-reaching. Undergraduates work alongside some of the university’s most accomplished faculty to help solve society’s most intractable problems. Together, their work spans all majors and is conducted in labs, libraries, communities, art studios and nature. This immersive education prepares students for careers in research, teaches invaluable skills like persistence, teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and advances our basic understanding of how things work. Students love it, too. More than 80% of them participate in research over the course of their undergraduate education. 

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Photo of Irika Sinha

Drawing her own path one lab at a time

Irika Sinha is making the most of her #HuskyExperience by getting involved in a variety of research projects.
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Graphic: UW undergraduates devoted 1,584,236 hours to research in 2017-18

Research across disciplines

9,045 undergrads brought depth to their academics by participating in research, creative and scholarly endeavors alongside UW faculty mentors.
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Undergraduate research opportunities

Photo of undergraduate researcher and his mentor

Mary Gates Endowment for Students

Scholarships for students to carry out a research project in any field under the guidance of a faculty mentor, with additional support from co-mentors such as graduate students or postdoctoral associates. Projects can include laboratory or other quantitative or qualitative research, community-based research, creative arts or other scholarly work. (Leadership and innovation scholarships are also available.)

Research Scholarships

Faculty mentor and students researching together

Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program helps students engage in research with UW faculty mentors in all disciplines.The Undergraduate Research Program offers research scholarships, hosts summer research programs, provides courses and workshops, convenes the Undergraduate Research Symposium and summer symposia, and supports the Undergraduate Research Leaders program.

Undergraduate Research Program

Research led by UAA programs

Research is a vital part of Undergraduate Academic Affairs’ commitment to undergraduate success. Our researchers investigate the most effective learning and support strategies for a wide range of students, whether they are transfer, first-generation, traditional or non-traditional students. They guide colleagues across campus and the country in designing studies, developing assessment strategies and helping educators turn data into actionable steps.

Photo of two students working together on a paper

Community College Research Initiatives

Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI) conducts research on equitable college access, progression and transfer, degree completion and employment in living-wage careers for underserved and diverse students. CCRI researchers provide strategies and guidance to institutions across the country about using data to increase student success and access to higher education. 


Photo of thoughtful-looking student in lecture

Office of Educational Assessment

Provides a variety of evaluation and assessment services to the UW and outside organizations. Office of Educational Assessment researchers conduct assessment of student and program outcomes and evaluate grant-funded programs. The office also facilitates student course evaluations, classroom test scoring and proctored test administration.

Office of Educational Assessment

Photo of students walking in the Quad

Resilience Lab

The Resilience Lab is running a longitudinal study on student resilience and well-being. The study will follow four cohorts of first-year students through graduation to gain insights into what resources help them through stressful events and contribute to their mental health and academic success.

Resilience Lab Research

Stories about undergraduate and UAA research

  • Remembering Bill Gates, Sr.

    September 16, 2020

    Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    UAA's Vice Provost and Dean Ed Taylor reflects on the larger meaning of his first meeting with Bill Gates, Sr. in this remembrance and appreciation.

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  • Megan Kennedy named director of UW Resilience Lab

    July 31, 2020

    Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    Megan Kennedy, director of the UW Resilience Lab Undergraduate Academic Affairs is happy to share that Megan Kennedy was named director of the UW’s Resilience Lab in May. Kennedy has been connected to the Resilience Lab through multiple roles on campus that have all focused on student well-being. Since August, 2019, she served as interim…

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  • I am breathing, but I’m not OK

    June 10, 2020

    Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    Are you OK? People have been asking me, and I’ve been asking others. I appreciate the question and those asking. Please keep asking. The truth of the matter is that things are not OK. As I write this, I’m staying home because of COVID-19, and a citywide curfew resulting from threats of violence throughout our…

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