Undergraduate Academic Affairs

UAA staff resources

Below are a few highlighted resources for UAA staff. Note that some content is only available to UAA staff.


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COVID-19 info for UAA

COVID-19 response information for UAA staff as well as vendors, contractors and other visitors (students visiting UAA offices for program services, for example) to UAA offices.

Visit uw.edu/coronavirus for the UW’s response to this public health crisis.


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Diversity efforts in UAA

Note: Available to UAA staff.


UAA's org chart

UAA organizational chart

View UAA’s org chart, ordered by function.

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UAA Staff Pages

UAA’s staff pages promote community, collaboration and effectiveness by increasing access to relevant information.

Note: Available to UAA staff.


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Strategic priorities

Learn about UAA’s strategic priorities and the objectives for each area around which we are organizing our collective work from 2018-2023.

Note: Available to UAA staff.