Community College Research Initiatives

Advancing Educational Access & Equity

The Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI) group conducts research on equitable college access, progression and transfer, degree completion, and employment in living-wage careers for underserved students and diverse learner populations throughout the United States.

Racial Equity Statement


The CCRI’s team of researchers are experts in education and access, race and equity, career pathways, policy analysis, institutional change, and more. Our research mission is to advance knowledge of community college through a race and equity lens. While our projects shift depending on national trends, areas of need, and funding, our current areas of focus are transfer, new baccalaureates, and STEM.

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In addition to improving understanding, CCRI researchers are partners who provide strategy and guidance on how to use data for advancing student success and develop tools that community college practitioners can use today to improve their practices and increase access. Our current projects are focused on helping institutions implement transformative change and develop effective guided pathways.

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