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Autumn 2022 Resources & Opportunities (Vol. 5) – Husky Pawket Guide

Husky Pawket Guide from the Desk of Dr. Denzil J. Suite.

Hi Huskies,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. As you begin thinking about your finals, I encourage you to check out UW Libraries 10 Tips for Success. Use these time-saving resources to help you succeed and stress less during finals! Check out Odegaard Library’s extended hours during finals and the winter break schedule for all libraries.

You can find some music to study to in Ethnomusicology Archives’ Study Time Sounds page and this Spotify Study Beats playlist!


  1. Health and Safety
  2. Connecting with Community
  3. Mental Health Moment
  4. Career and Internships
  5. Navigating UW
  6. Leaders of the Pack

Red bar with a Health and Safety icon.

1. Health and Safety

Hall Health Center and a map showing the location of Hall Health Center.

Get health care on campus at Hall Health Center
You can take advantage of high-quality health care right on campus! Located across the street from the HUB, Hall Health Center board-certified staff are experts in looking after Huskies. Just call 206–685–1011 to get started and find out more about Hall Health Center services.

Tackle exam season with science-backed study strategies: Try these study techniques to prepare effectively for your finals.

Rent equipment from UWild’s Gear Garage: Whether you’re headed out for a week-long adventure or a quick day trip, UWild’s Gear Garage will outfit you in quality outdoor gear, from mountain bikes to five-person tents.

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Orange bar with a Connecting with Community icon.

2. Connecting with Community

UW Maker's Fair.

Don’t miss today’s Makers Fair, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. at the HUB as we showcase uniquely made products created by our UW community. Attendees can enter to win giveaways from some of our students, faculty, staff and alumni makers and artists. See above for a little video motivation from the Spring 2022 Makers Fair.

Students participating in Unite UW.Join Unite UW for Winter 2023
Make lifelong friends through cultural exchange, story sharing and fun bonding activities. Applications are due Dec. 15 — apply now for Unite UW Winter 2023.

HUB Bowling Tournament: Be the last Dawg standing! Join the HUB’s singles bowling tournament starting Dec. 5. Bowl your best and try to advance to the next round to stay in the game!

Visit the HUB Listening Lounge: Kick back and listen to music from some of UW’s most talented student artists on Dec. 6 at the HUB’s Listening Lounge.


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Yellow bar with a Mental Health Moment icon.

3. Mental Health Moment

Feeling overwhelmed? Talk with a counselor about it - virtually

Connect with a Counselor through Virtual Let’s Talk
Students can use individual drop-in hours for informal conversation with a counselor to talk about insights, solutions and resources available on campus and in the community. Let’s Talk visits are free, confidential and no appointment is necessary.

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Blue bar with a Career & Internships icon.

4. Career and Internships

Candid Industry professionals sharing career advice.

Explore Careers with Candid Career
Want to know what it’s really like to work in different fields? Want to make good use of your daily video scrolling? Candid Career has short video clips of professionals describing their roles and giving advice.


The Career & Internship Center is here to support you with guidance and resources, including Handshake, UW’s online job and internship platform.

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5. Navigating UW

Academic Support Programs Director Ryan Burt.

Academic Support Programs explained in less than 15 seconds
Watch as Academic Support Programs Director Ryan Burt takes on the challenge of explaining Academic Support Programs in less than 15 seconds at a time. An academic home away from home, Academic Support Programs offers peer-to-peer programs and services include tutoring and coaching, as well as connections to other academic support programs across campus.

Take the Husky Check-in Survey: UW’s Office of Educational Assessment, partnering with student leaders, is inviting you to participate in the first Husky Check-in survey of the year, gathering feedback about your experience so far this year. We want to better understand how connected you feel to UW and learn about ways we can support you. The survey is open through Dec. 11.

Arts & Sciences Cool Courses — Winter 2023: These unique Winter quarter classes may help you fulfill a graduation requirement or discover a new passion — and they’re open to all students and have no prerequisites.

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Leaders of the Pack on a purple background.


Toby GallantASUW Student Disability Commission
Toby Gallant

Pronouns: He/They
Academic Year: Third year, Senior
Major/Studies: Disability Studies with concentrations in Education, Law, & American Sign Language
Hometown: San Diego, CA

What does your position entail?
I serve as a representative on behalf of students with disabilities identifying and addressing access-related barriers and advocating for institutional changes to UW administration, state representatives and student leaders. My job consists of mainly advocacy work from writing and sponsoring legislation in ASUW Student Senate to hosting educational disability-related workshops, programs and campaigns.

Why did you get involved in student leadership?
I got involved in student leadership because I wanted to utilize the skills and knowledge gained from class and community to make tangible change on campus. As a Disability Studies major who entered the UW at the peak of the pandemic, I noticed the disregard for disability-related issues and representation among student leadership and in important discussions and felt compelled to get involved.

What do you wish you’d known about the UW sooner?
I wish knew about all the various ways to make your voice be heard and become involved on campus to make real change. I highly recommend checking out the Associated Students of the UW (ASUW), and especially the various diversity-based commissions within it, for ways to get involved to advocate for student concerns.

Anything you want to add?
Learn more about the Student Disability Commission at or visit us in the Husky Union Building, Room 131Q!

Contact the Student Disability Commission:

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