Legislative District 32

UW community members are living and working in districts across Washington state. Here's how we are making an impact in your neck of the woods.

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Bruce Psaty co-directs the UW's Cardiovascular Health Research Unit, is an investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and is a practicing general internist at Harborview Medical Center. Publishing over 850 research articles over the course of his career, he has been a prominent commentator on a variety of public health issues including drug safety, conflict of interest, regulatory science at the FDA and U.S. guidelines on the treatment of high blood cholesterol.
Bruce PsatyUW '86; Changemaker of Public Health
"I’m a Husky 100 because I study how policies affect different identities within our community and how to adjust policy to create greater equity. I emphasize the intersectional approach to public policy because it incorporates an understanding of race, identity, privilege, gender expression, systems of oppression, power, etc.; these must be taken into account if one truly wants to create equitable policy. I’m also a compassionate Army veteran who wants nothing more but to serve my community."
Phoenix HornM.A.: Policy Studies; 2021 Husky 100 member

"My Husky experience has allowed me to see my potential as a leader and build resilience in times of significant challenges. As a proud daughter of Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant parents, I am motivated to amplify the voices of historically-excluded communities and combat against systemic barriers. I strive to intertwine my passions for mental health and nursing while practicing health equitable values."
Amanda YangB.S.: Nursing; B.A.: Psychology; 2021 Husky 100 member
"I apply my skills in information science and learning research in service projects, using novel approaches to support youth learning and development. As a parent, I have worked with and advocated for the student parent community, especially low income and single parents. And practicing relational leadership, I bridge areas of my life to leverage community and relationships to advance equity and opportunity for underserved communities."
Travis Willingham WindleharthM.A. Museology, (2013), Ph.D. Candidate Information Science; 2021 Husky 100 member


The UW facilitates hundreds of programs in communities across the state. Below are a few that operate in your district. Programs active as of January 2021.

Foster School of Business–Consulting and Business Development Center

The Center engages students and local business owners in solving complex, unstructured, real-world challenges. Through faculty-led business education courses and the work of student consulting teams, the Center grows business revenues and jobs with a focus on businesses owned by those who are LGBTQ+, people of color, women, veterans, tribal citizens and those located in underserved communities. Since its inception in 1995, the Center has generated more than $210 million in new revenue and retained over 200,000 jobs. Classes are offered in Seattle, Yakima, the Tri-Cities and on tribal lands while drawing business owners regionally and nationally.

Forefront in the Schools

Forefront in the Schools (FIS), an initiative of the UW’s Forefront Suicide Prevention program, guides high school administrators, students and parents through a collaborative, comprehensive process of policy development and curriculum improvement to build on existing student mental-health and suicide-prevention efforts. FIS aims to create school communities that are prepared to prevent student mental-health problems and respond to students with mental-health needs, including those at risk for suicide.

Livable City Year

Livable City Year (LCY) creates meaningful and sustained partnerships between the University of Washington and local governments, engaging UW faculty and students to work on community-identified projects to improve livability and sustainability. Through LCY, hundreds of students benefit by tackling real-world challenges, and partner cities benefit from bold applied ideas that propel fresh thinking, improve livability for residents and invigorate city staff. The program welcomes new partnerships with communities of all sizes and budgets.

Young Executives of Color

Young Executives of Color (YEOC) is a nine-month college pipeline program hosted by the UW’s Michael G. Foster School of Business. YEOC focuses on engaging high school students of color in a comprehensive curriculum that includes college preparation, professional development, business lectures and powerful mentorship. The program, which is free to students, currently serves 190 students from over 75 high schools around Washington state.


UW INSPIRE supports western Washington educators of pre-K through 12th grade with reciprocal research-practice partnerships, focusing on student thinking and giving educators the opportunity to learn alongside children, improving instruction and student achievement. Fueled by innovative local educators at all levels of the public-school system and supported by local philanthropists and individual donors, INSPIRE is coordinated by a team of faculty, staff and graduate students at the UW College of Education.


  • Senator Jesse Salomon (D),
    Senator Jesse Salomon (D)

    Senator Jesse Salomon (D)

  • Representative Cindy Ryu (D),
    Representative Cindy Ryu (D)

    Representative Cindy Ryu (D)

  • Representative Lauren Davis (D),
    Representative Lauren Davis (D)

    Representative Lauren Davis (D)