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Legislative Agendas & Outcomes

Washington state’s legislative session begins on the second Monday in January and runs for 105 days in odd-numbered years and 60 days in even-numbered years. The state has a two-year budget cycle, with the biennial operating, capital, and transportation budgets determined during the long 105-day legislative sessions. The supplemental budget, negotiated during short legislative sessions held in even-numbered years, makes modest adjustments to the biennial budgets already in effect.

Before a biennial session, the UW President and Provost lead a process to establish the university’s legislative agenda with ideas and input from the campus community. The legislative agenda is finalized by September when it is submitted, as required by law, as decision packages to the state.

2024 – Supplemental Budget

2024 legislative agenda (supplemental budget)

2024 session review

2023 – Biennial Budget (2023-25)

2023 legislative agenda (biennial budget)

2023 session review

2022 – Supplemental Budget

2022 legislative agenda (supplemental budget)

2022 session review

2021 – Biennial Budget (2021-23)

2021 legislative agenda (biennial budget)

2021 session review