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The University of Washington is thankful for the recent strong investments by the Legislature that support our students and our public mission.

Post session recap

The Office of State Relations serves as the principal liaison between the University of Washington and state government. Through strong relationships with state elected officials, their offices and state agencies, we work to advance the university’s mission and legislative priorities. We collaborate closely with the state’s five other public baccalaureate institutions as well as community and technical colleges, to identify shared interests and influence related public policy.

2022 Legislative Agenda

Mindful of the ongoing pandemic and other challenges, the UW has limited its supplemental budget requests to the most essential items.

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State Lobbying Guidelines

We ask UW employees to coordinate advocacy with our office so that we can be clear, consistent, and comply with state requirements.

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Partners and Resources

Explore the many organizations the Office of State Relations partners with both internally and externally.


Latest News and Updates

  • Legislators connect with UW faculty during the Faculty Field Tour

    June 21, 2022

    Last week, more than 30 faculty members new to the University and state participated in the Faculty Field Tour, a five-day immersive tour of the state of Washington. The tour highlights the state’s diverse geography, economy, history, and cultures and allows the faculty to see the places their students call home to help them be…

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  • College & Workforce Development Committee Chair meets with UW engineering leaders

    June 1, 2022

    Rep. Vandana Slatter, Chair of the College & Workforce Development Committee, met with leaders in the College of Engineering (CoE) last week to discuss growth opportunities to help meet the demand for engineering degrees, cutting-edge research and technology, and the importance of equity in STEM fields. Rep. Slatter first met with CoE Dean Nancy Allbritton…

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  • Governor and higher education leaders celebrate session successes at UW Tacoma

    May 12, 2022

    Governor Jay Inslee, legislators, students, and higher education advocates gathered at UW Tacoma yesterday for Bridge to the Future, an event celebrating the post-secondary successes of the 2022 legislative session. In recent years, the state has made considerable investments in higher education, including student financial aid and increased funding for faculty and staff compensation. UW…

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