Legislative District 18

UW community members are living and working in districts across Washington state. Here's how we are making an impact in your neck of the woods.

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"I'm still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts, but I have to admit that my UW experience has been magical (and not just because of the Reading Room in Suzzallo!). Between classes that took my critical thinking skills to new heights, to fascinating conversations with peers over coffee or in the Quad, to study abroad, internship and research opportunities that expanded my knowledge and skillset, I have been able to grow as a leader, a learner and a global citizen."
Reem SabhaMaster's in International Studies
"I am very proud to have attended the UW for my bachelor's degree and now as a graduate student. After I graduate, I look forward to working on policy issues within Washington. I also look forward to seeing how my hometown representatives will work to advance equity and environmental justice for all Washingtonians."
Carly MarshallMaster of Public Administration, Environmental Policy


The UW facilitates hundreds of programs in communities across the state. Below are a few that operate in your district.

Forefront Suicide Prevention–Safer Homes, Suicide Aware

Safer Homes, Suicide Aware promotes programming led by the UW’s Forefront Suicide Prevention program to educate the public about how easy access to lethal means, including firearms and medications, can contribute to suicides. The program focuses especially on men ages 35–64 and veterans, who are statistically more likely to use firearms to end their lives. The work is guided by a task force that includes diverse perspectives and develops innovative, impactful strategies.

UW in the High School

Through the UW in the High School program, high school sophomores, juniors and seniors can complete University of Washington courses — and earn college credit — in their own classrooms with their own teachers. Teachers are approved and trained by UW faculty to teach official UW courses using UW curriculum, activities, texts, tests and grading scales. Participating students can earn college credits at a fraction of the cost, and these credits are accepted by most colleges and universities across Washington and around the country. Partner high schools can offer UW coursework in computer science, math, science, world languages, humanities and social sciences. Check out which schools UW in the High School is partnering with in your area.  

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), a partnership between the University of Oregon and the University of Washington, is dedicated to reducing impacts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Washington and Oregon by providing accurate and timely information about earthquakes and ground motions to scientists, engineers, planners and the public. The second-largest seismic network in the United States, PNSN has more than 300 seismograph stations as well as several offices and personnel across the region.


  • Senator Ann Rivers (R),
    Senator Ann Rivers (R)

    Senator Ann Rivers (R)

  • Representative Brandon Vick (R),
    Representative Brandon Vick (R)

    Representative Brandon Vick (R)

  • Representative Larry Hoff (R),
    Representative Larry Hoff (R)

    Representative Larry Hoff (R)


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