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Washington Futures

Washington Futures

A 21st century model for our state’s future prosperity

Futures Committee

Bill Gates Sr. (Chair)
Tom Alberg
William Ayer
Howard Behar
David Bonderman
Jeffrey Brotman
Anne Dinning
Hon. Dan Evans
Anne Gittinger
Lyn Grinstein
Nick Hanauer
Bill Helsell
Pete Higgins
Patrick Hughes
Lynn Pigott Mowe
Shan Mullin
William Neukom
Judith Runstad
Brad Smith
Orin Smith
John Stanton

In March 2012, two dozen civic and business leaders gathered to address the challenges — and opportunities — facing higher education and the University of Washington.

Over the course of a year and a half, this group considered how to create a thriving future for the state of Washington and its residents.

The Washington Futures report captures the committee’s thinking.

It is not a mandate or a specific roadmap — rather, it is intended to generate conversation, spark enthusiasm and promote positive change.

The committee presented the final report to the Board of Regents Sept. 12, 2013.

The UW’s investment in Washington: A vital state institution

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