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Parents & Families

Forms, releases, & accounts

Parent access & student privacy

FERPA for parents & families

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), is a federal law that governs the use of, and limits access to student educational records. Students have full access to their academic records by logging into their MyUW account, but access is limited or restricted to others. Each office has an individual process to authorize users to view student information.

For parents & families interested in learning more about access to their student’s financial, health, housing & dining accounts, please review the following information with your student.

How do I get access to my student’s grades?

Parents & families can get access to their students’ grades by asking their student to share their grades and progress. Students access their grades & progress by logging on to

Student privacy

UW uses DUO two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your student’s personal information, work & data. DUO protects them & the UW from the risks of phishing scams, identity & passwords theft.

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Paying for tuition & fees

Authorizing access for parents & families

Students will need to fill out an Information Release Authorization to authorize parents & families to access their UW tuition billing and financial aid accounts. Students may authorize access up to five individuals to receive billing and financial aid information via online, phone and in-person.

Make a payment

Once your student completes the information release form, you will be able to access their tuition statement through the UW parent & family login.


An email will be sent to each newly authorized family member with instructions to access to a modified version of your student’s MyUW page, and will receive email reminders to when online tuition statements are available. Please be advised that this authorization will need to be updated each year by your student.


For additional questions on tuition fees, statements and or 1098-T tax forms, please contact Office of Student Fiscal Services team via phone 206-543-4694 or

Paying for housing & dining accounts

Authorizing access for parents & families

Students need to log onto their MyHFS account (NetID required) and provide access for up to two individuals to view their account information. This authorization allows individuals to log in to their student’s housing statement to review charges make changes and payments to the student’s housing and dining accounts.

Make a payment

Families may make payments via the Parents & family payment page.


All communications regarding housing are emailed directly to students via their UW email accounts. Authorized users will receive an email when billing notifications are sent to students.


For additional questions about housing & dining, please contact our Student Services office via phone 206-543-4059 or email at

Looking for student health forms & info

Releasing student medical information to parents & families

Students have the ability to authorize individuals to access all or specific parts of their medical record. You can also download health care directives here.

Forms parents must sign for minor students

If your student is under the age of 18 at beginning of their first year, a parent or guardian must provide consent, along with signing a financial agreement and privacy practices statement, for your student to receive health care from Hall Health/UW Medicine.

Know your health insurance benefits

New students & families check out our Know Your Benefits find a list of questions and information to ask your insurance providers. Out of state & international families looking for insurance coverage and information, please review our UW Health Insurance Guide.


Husky Hall Health Center is located across from the HUB in the center of UW Seattle’s campus. For questions about student health forms and information, you can reach our Husky Hall Health Center via phone 206-685-1011 or email

UW Counseling Center

The UW Counseling Center (UWCC) is a mental health resource where currently enrolled students can receive assistance with adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, and a variety of other challenges. UWCC bills insurance for individual, group, and psychiatry services (Outreach services and workshops are free).

They still serve current UW students, even if they don’t have insurance.

When does UW Counseling Center bill insurance

If your Husky has insurance, UWCC will bill their insurance. Any patient responsibility for cost-sharing will be aggregated and billed to the Services and Activities Fee (SAF).  This means that there is no out–of–pocket cost to your student, because you have already paid the SAF as part of tuition and fees. For more information about insurance billing please visit common questions that students and families have asked about insurance billing.

Releasing student medical information to parents & families

Students have the ability to authorize individuals to access all or specific parts of their medical record. You can also download health care directives here.


UW Counseling Center is located in Schmitz Hall. For questions, you can reach our UWCC via phone 206-543-1240.