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October 7, 2015

‘Human Right to Family Planning Conference’ Oct. 9-11 at School of Law

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The UW School of Law will be the location for the three-day Human Right to Family Planning Conference, Oct. 9-11.

Lawmakers, researchers, academics and health care professionals will gather for this first-of-its-kind event to explore the relationship between the right to health and family planning, including abortion, and improving access to that care, locally and around the world.

“It is not only for the privileged. It is not only for the wealthy. When women and adolescents do not get the services that only they need, it is discrimination against women, according to human rights law,” said Dr. Beth Rivin, chair of the conference’s steering committee and professor in the School of Law, which is co-sponsoring the event. She added, “Access to family planning is about information access, economic access and physical access.” Rivin also is an adjunct research associate professor of global health.

Millions of women die prematurely and suffer long-term health and social consequences because of an unintended pregnancy due to lack of access to family planning. The conference will explore how a range of organizations across the board must work together in providing resources and access.

Panel discussions will address the progress that has been made and discuss the innovation and collaboration necessary to move ahead. View a full list of speakers online. There is an admission charge but the event is free for news media. Due to security needs, however, interested press must register online.


To learn more, contact Rivin at 206-616-3674 or brivin@uw.edu, or Elizabeth Coplan, communications adviser, at 206-930-9984.