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April 22, 2015

Guggenheim Foundation honors UW mathematician Tatiana Toro

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Tatiana Toro, a University of Washington professor and associate chair of mathematics, is among 175 new fellows from the U.S. and Canada recognized this year by the Guggenheim Foundation. Winners, chosen from more than 3,100 applicants, receive grants of varying amounts that allow them to pursue creative projects of six to 12 months in the fields of science, academic scholarship and the arts.

portrait in green sweater

Tatiana Toro

Toro, who holds the Robert R. and Elaine F. Phelps endowed professorship, earned her doctorate at Stanford University in 1992. She held postdoctoral positions at Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley and was assistant professor at the University of Chicago before joining the UW faculty in 1996. Her research focuses on mathematical analysis and geometric measure theory. Toro’s previous awards include an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in 1996 and a Simons Foundation Fellowship in 2012. She is an editor for geometrical analysis publications in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, and has held leadership positions with the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Los Angeles-based Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics. Her project for the fellowship is titled “Regularity for Almost Minimizers with Free Boundary.”

Other local honorees were Rick Araluce, a Seattle multimedia artist who works in miniatures; Karin Davie, a Kirkland multimedia artist; and Zoe Scofield, a Seattle choreographer.