UW News

April 12, 2024

Statement on allegations involving a student-athlete

The following is a statement from the University of Washington on the allegations involving a student-athlete:

The allegations against Tylin Rogers are serious and disturbing, and the University is fully cooperating with law enforcement. Under federal student privacy laws, we can’t comment on any individual student. Student athletes are subject to the same University policies and standards of conduct as all UW students.

 All University personnel, including all Athletics personnel, have acted and are acting in accordance with applicable laws, policies and trauma-informed practices based on available information. The criminal complaint released on April 9 by the prosecutor’s office contained information new to the University, and we immediately took additional appropriate actions to address safety concerns. Had the university had this new information earlier, including in the fall or winter, we would have done the same at that time.

 While we can certainly understand the speculation surrounding this case, our focus is on supporting survivors, cooperating with law enforcement, and ensuring the safety of our community. We strongly encourage anyone, whether they are a UW student, employee, or member of the public to reach out to our Title IX office or confidential advocate if they have been harmed by a member of the UW community.

For more information, contact Victor Balta at balta@uw.edu.