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November 30, 2023

ArtSci Roundup: WinterFest, Ladino Day with Author Elizabeth Graver, Talk with Joss Whittaker, and more

This week, tune in to Kantika writer Elizabeth Graver’s discussion, Joss Whittaker’s recount on life in the Aru Islands, and the WinterFest presented by the Chamber Singers, University Chorale, University Singers, Treble Choir, Gospel Choir, and UW Glee Club, and more.

Dec. 3, 10 a.m. | Ladino Day 2023: ‘Kantika’, a Sephardic Novel by Author Elizabeth Graver, Zoom

Join author Elizabeth Graver in conversation with Isaac Alhadeff Professor of Sephardic Studies Devin E. Naar for a discussion of “Kantika,” a moving, multi-generational saga inspired by Graver’s grandmother. Rebecca Baruch Levy (née Cohen) was born into a Sephardic Jewish family from Istanbul in the early 20th century, and her kaleidoscopic journey takes her to Barcelona, Havana, and ultimately New York, exploring themes of displacement, endurance, and family as home.

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Dec. 5, 4 – 5:30 pm | Joss Whittaker Talk: Field Sketches from the Aru Islands, Thomson Hall

In this talk hosted by the Department of Anthropology and Center for Southeast Asia & its Diasporas, Joss Whittaker, graduate student in the Department of Anthropology will recount his time living in the Aru Islands with photographs and stories. When Joss Whittaker went to the Aru Islands for archaeological research, things did not go as planned: the research ran into obstacles that ranged from amusing to hair-raising, the camera broke, and much of the film was ruined. Nonetheless, thanks to the support of local allies, in a seven-month stay Joss found fascinating details about past and present in a community that built massive monuments, fought the Dutch East India Company at its peak power, and traded luxuries to remote places. The events around this research won’t make it into a scholarly paper, but they are worth recounting.

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School of Music Concerts

December 3, 3:00pmOpera Workshop: The Elixir of Love, Distilled, Brechemin Auditorium

December 4, 7:30pm | Studio Jazz Ensemble and Modern Band, Meany Hall

December 4, 7:30pm | Gospel Choir, Meany Hall

December 5, 7:30pmEthnomusicology Visiting Artist Concert: Otoqui Reyes, Puerto Rican Bomba, Brechemin Auditorium

December 6, 12:30pm | First Wednesday Concert Series: Students of the UW School of Music, North Allen Library Lobby

December 6, 7:30pm | WinterFest, Meany Hall

December 7, 7:30pmUW Sings, University Congregational Church

December 7, 7:30pm | Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band: Uplift, Meany Hall

December 7, 7:30pmBrechemin Piano Series, Brechemin Auditorium

December 8, 7:30pm | UW Symphony with Clara Osowski and Frederick Reece, Meany Hall

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October – November | “Ways of Knowing” Podcast: Episode 7

“Ways of Knowing” is an eight-episode podcast connecting humanities research with current events and issues. In this week’s episode, Chadwick Allen, professor of English and American Indian studies, at the UW, explains how the Octagon Earthworks is actually a gigantic clock designed using substantial astronomical knowledge. Allen traces the past, present, and future of mound earthworks, which he describes as feats of astronomy, engineering, and coordinated labor.

This season features faculty from the UW College of Arts & Sciences as they explore race, immigration, history, the natural world—even comic books. Each episode analyzes a work, or an idea, and provides additional resources for learning more.

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