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October 7, 2019

Soundbites & B-roll: Pop-up gallery portrays homelessness with animals

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Soundbites and b-roll are available for download here


The University of Washington Center for One Health Research will build “pop-up galleries” in public spaces around Seattle in October that will use autobiographical photographs taken by people experiencing homelessness with their companion animals. The photos will be accompanied by quotes from the participants about the challenges and the important bonds they share with their animals and other information from related research.


Pop-up gallery schedule:

  • Oct. 4 on UW’s Red Square
  • Oct. 7 in Occidental Square in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district
  • Oct. 10 in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park
  • Oct. 13 in the Ballard Commons Park.


UW researchers available at the gallery events:

  • Vickie Ramirez, senior research and program coordinator at the Center for One Health Research in the UW School of Public Health
  • Gemina Garland-Lewis, photographer and research coordinator in the Center for One Health


About the project:

The galleries are the latest event by the Center for One Health Research, a center in the UW School of Public Health’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, as part of their long-running project to help improve the health and lives of people experiencing homelessness with their service animals, emotional support animals and pets.


Earlier this summer, the researchers created pilot clinics for including animals into healthcare for the homeless. They joined with veterinarians from Washington State University to establish the One Health Clinic.


For this part of the One Health project, Gemina Garland-Lewis, creator of the Everything to me website, put disposable cameras and notebooks into the hands of nearly twenty people to document their life experiences. The galleries feature personal moments in their lives and will also feature data visualizations and community maps by Vickie Ramirez created from her research.


For more information, contact:
Vickie Ramirez, ramirezv@uw.edu
UW News video producer Kiyomi Taguchi at ktaguchi@uw.edu.