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November 7, 2018

University of Washington’s Fall 2018 entering class is largest ever

UW News

The University of Washington welcomed the largest class of new students across all three campuses, and the largest number of Washington residents in UW history, according to the finalized Fall 2018 census of enrolled students released by all three campuses.

The incoming new class across all three campuses, including first-year students and transfer students, totals 11,835, of which 8,488 – 72 percent – are Washington residents.

A total of 2,737 community college transfer students enrolled at the UW across all three campuses – 1,341 in Seattle, 707 in Bothell and 689 in Tacoma. Of these, 85 percent are Washington residents.

This was the inaugural year for Direct to College of Engineering admissions on the Seattle campus. This resulted in 931 students enrolled, including 677 Washington residents, 128 U.S. nonresidents and 126 international students.

Overall the application pool for the Seattle campus increased this year by 2.3 percent, resulting in 45,911 total applications, with an admissions rate of 49.1 percent.

Total enrollment across all three campuses rose from 57,866 to 59,087 (47,723 in Seattle, 5,989 at UW Bothell and 5,375 at UW Tacoma), continuing a progressive increase over the past 11 years.

Of the 59,087 enrolled students across all three campuses, 42,405 are undergraduate and 16,682 are pursuing graduate or professional degrees. The number of international students enrolled across all three campuses is 8,499 (14.3 percent) – 7,661 in Seattle; 568 at UW Bothell; and 270 at UW Tacoma.