UW News

February 29, 2016

University Book Store to relocate South Campus Store’s services and products to flagship store

University Book Store announced Thursday that it has opted to close its store in the University’s South Campus building and move its products and services to the flagship store on University Way Northeast. Though the relocation date has yet to be determined, University Book Store is planning for sometime before June.

“Our lease was up for renewal, so it was time to evaluate whether we were successfully fulfilling our mission to provide our students with the materials they needed to succeed,” said Chief Executive Officer Louise Little. “We concluded we could do a more effective job by combining our south campus products and services with those we offer at our flagship store. While the decision was extremely difficult, it was the right thing to do.”

Students in the health sciences and marine biology fields will now be able to procure a wider array of products in addition to their textbooks, medical reference books, stethoscopes, supplies, and technology at the University Way Northeast location.

“We are exploring the possibility of operating a vending machine to satisfy urgent needs such as blue books, Scantron testing forms, and other study items,” said Little. The store currently operates three campus vending machines.

University Book Store opened the south campus store in 1974 during a time when the building was the center of the south campus community. Over the past few years, changes to building usage – in particular, when the cafeteria was closed and moved to another location – have transformed the function of the south campus building.

For more information, please contact Louise Little at lwlittle@uw.edu or Lara Konick at lkonick@uw.edu.