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October 7, 2015

Public notice: Availability of a draft supplemental environmental impact statement (DEIS) — CSE II Project

Public Notice University Of Washington

Pursuant to the provisions of WAC 197-11-455 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and WAC 478-324-140, the University of Washington hereby provides public notice of the:

Availability of a draft supplemental environmental impact statement (DEIS)

Project Name: Computer Sciences and Engineering II Project

Proponent: University of Washington

Description of Proposal: The project involves site selection and construction of a new 130,000 gross square foot above and below grade building to create expansion space for education and research for the Computer Science and Engineering Program. The structure will house new instructional space, undergraduate student spaces, research and educational labs, shops, offices and event space. For the purposes of environmental review, four alternatives are analyzed in the document: Alternative 1- Preferred Alternative – Development of CSE II Project on Site 16C of the Seattle Campus Master Plan 2003; Alternative 2 – Development of the CSE II Project on Site `16 C of the Seattle Campus Master Plan 2003 and Retention of More Hall Annex (two design scenarios); Alternative 3 – Development of the CSE II Project on Site 14C of the Seattle Campus Master Plan 2003 (two design scenarios); and, Alternative 4 – No Action Alternative.

Location: The two sites are analyzed as part of the SEIS – 16C and 14C. Site 16C is generally bounded by the Mechanical Engineering Building, Engineering Annex and the University Power Plant to the north, Mason Road NE to the East, More Hall to the south and Stevens Way NE to the West. Site 14C is generally bounded by the University of Washington Club (University Faculty Club) Building and Fluke Hall to the north, Mason Road NE to the east, Loew Hall and the Central Power Plant to the south, and the Engineering Library Building, Stevens Way NE and the HUB to the west.

Lead Agency: University of Washington

Public Hearing: A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday October 26, 2015 in Kane Hall room 225 – the Walker Ames Room on the Seattle Campus from 4:00 to 7:00.

Comment Period Ends: November 9, 2015

SEPA Responsible Official: Jan Arntz

Send comments in writing or by email to:
Jan Arntz
SEPA Responsible Official
Environmental/Land Use Compliance Officer
Capital Projects Office
Box 352205
Seattle, WA 98195