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February 12, 2015

Two famous names added to College of Built Environments’ Roll of Honor

UW News

The UW College of Built Environments has added two names to the Roll of Honor located in the auditorium of Architecture Hall — Roland Terry and Grant Jones. A celebration for the two honorees will take place April 29.

Terry was a Seattle architect committed to artistry appropriate to its regional setting who also played a role in developing the regional version of Modernism. His buildings, which include Washington Park Towers in Seattle, Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Kenmore and the UW Alumni House on campus, are noted for the integration of architecture, interiors and landscape, as well as for his attention to detail. He graduated from the UW in 1940 and founded the firm Roland Terry & Associates in 1960, which became Terry & Egan. He died in 2006. The 13,000 items that make up his drawing collection are housed with UW Libraries Special Collections.

Jones is a Seattle landscape architect who graduated from the UW in 1961 and has helped shape the concepts to landscape theory and practice through advocacy for ecological design. He co-founded Jones & Jones Architects + Landscape Architects and served as partner and principal until his retirement in 2011.

The firm pioneered in areas such as river and highway corridor planning and design, context-sensitive roadway design, zoological and botanical gardens and parks and cultural centers. Recognizable projects include the Nooksack River Plan and the Woodland Park Zoo reconstruction plan.

Jones has been a part-time visiting faculty member at the UW and served as director of education for the Landscape Architecture Foundation.

“The Roll of Honor recognition ceremony is an important event in the life of the college,” said Dean John Schaufelberger. “It enables us to recognize extraordinary practitioners of the disciplines represented and to celebrate their many exceptional accomplishments. Those chosen for the recognition are persons whose careers have been of genuinely extraordinary significance. They serve as inspiring examples for all of us to emulate.”

The college’s Roll of Honor was created in 1986 with eight original honorees: Ellsworth Storey, Carl Gould, Lancelot Gowen, Lionel Pries, B. Marcus Priteca, Paul Thiry, Paul Kirk and Victor Steinbrueck. Other recognizable honorees include Richard Haag, Meyer Wolfe, Robert C. Reamer and Wendell Lovett.


For more information, contact Allie Rock, College of Built Environments advancement services officer, at 206-685-3751 or rocka2@uw.edu.