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April 22, 2014

Health Digest: ‘One Health,’ OB-GYN comments, labs study ‘green’-ness

Health Digest is UW Today’s roundup of news stories from UW Health Sciences.

How can humans, animals coexist in better health?
The UW School of Public Health’s Peter Rabinowitz directs the Human-Animal Medicine Project. In a Q&A, he talks about “One Health” – the idea that since human, animal and environmental health are interrelated, public health experts need to break down the traditional silos between animal health and human health. Read more on HSNewsBeat.

OB-GYN surgeon frames FDA’s warning on procedure
The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a statement discouraging surgeons from performing a common gynecological procedure because it poses a risk of spreading undetected cancerous tissues. On HSNewsBeat, Kristina Adams Waldorf, a UW Medicine surgeon, discusses the procedure and why it is used, and comments on the FDA warning.

Environmental-health labs study their own ‘green’-ness
This spring, 20 labs in the UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences will assess whether they can make their processes more sustainable without compromising their science. The work is funded by the UW’s Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office. Read more on HSNewsbeat.