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April 1, 2013

UW Medicine launches multi-media health and wellness initiative April 1


UW Health Sciences and UW Medicine

TV slate UW Medicine Health

The partnership slate for UW Medicine Health.

UW Medicine will launch a multi-media initiative April 1 to provide consumers with health and wellness information. In partnership with Fisher Communications, UW Medicine also will increase awareness of the latest treatments and medical breakthroughs at UW Medicine.

“In support of our mission to improve the health of the public, UW Medicine recognizes the need to encourage each member of our community to take responsibility for their personal health,” said Dr. Paul G. Ramsey, CEO of UW Medicine. “With this initiative, our audiences will gain valuable knowledge and tools for engaging in preventive care and establishing rewarding personal health behaviors.”

Molly Shen

KOMO broadcast reporter Molly Shen will introduce the UW Medicine Health series.

“The new initiative is part of UW Medicine’s overall strategy to provide comprehensive care for our community,” said Johnese Spisso, UW Medicine’s chief health system officer. “It will highlight UW Medicine’s expertise in a broad range of primary care and specialty fields while helping consumers make informed decisions about their treatment options in our health system.”

Look for:

  • Regular television and radio spots featuring UW Medicine experts and patients.on Fisher Communication’s KOMO News, KOMO News Radio and STAR 101.5. Topics for the first three months include heart, vascular and brain health.
  • A new dedicated website, UW Medicine Health, uwmedicinehealth.com. It will have timely news items, features and columns about health and wellness, medical research advances and patient stories.

KOMO news anchor Molly Shen will introduce the program to viewers and listeners of KOMO News, KOMO News Radio and Star 101.5. The first series of TV and radio spots on heart health will begin April 8. During these segments, UW Medicine experts and patients will share stories and insights about the care they received at UW Medicine.

This month’s articles on heart health include:

  • UW Medicine Regional Heart Center leads in heart care.
  • How to reduce your risk of coronary artery disease.
  • New defibrillator for treating heart rhythm disorders.
  • Multi-specialty care saves a triathlon runner with heart disease.


For more information, contact UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications at 206-543-3620.