Museology Master of Arts Program


June 10, 2016

The Impact of Socially Conscious Art Exhibitions: A Case Study of Art AIDS America

Thesis by Kacey Lewis (2016)

Emergence of Special Art Exhibits in Shopping Malls in Shanghai

Thesis by Xiqian Li (2016)

Don’t Forget to Play…Examining what Play looks like in Museums for Adult Visitors

Thesis by Maria Robinson (2016)

Assessing Historical Thinking at a State History Museum

Thesis by Michael Rzemien (2016)

Abortion? Abortion! Abortion.: Destigmatizing Abortion through Storytelling

Master’s Project by Sarah Vilendrer (2016)

June 12, 2015

Curating Imaginature: A Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center

Master’s Project by Grant Barber (2015)

Audio elements: Understanding current uses of sound in museum exhibits

Thesis by Jeremy Beliveau (2015)

Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Project by Wolf Clifton (2015)

Now You See It! A History of Art about Slime Molds: An Exhibit for the Center for Urban Horticulture

Master’s Project by Angela Mele (2015)

International Traveling Exhibitions: Comparison of Two Case Studies from China

Thesis by Zhongming Ye (2015) 

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