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We pay you for your internships

We believe that unpaid internships are exploitative. They privilege people who can afford to work for free, and they allow museums to hold all of the power in their relationships with workers.

Internships are an opportunity to explore and try things on for size, to figure out what you like and don’t like and also where you excel. Internships allow you to gain job skills and to build your resumé to position yourself for a career when you graduate.

Explore local museums

$20 an hour for 90 hours

Student working with collections at a museum

Museums pay students directly and are reimbursed by Museology. No hassle for the students!

Over $365,000 paid to date

Student holding a balloon and talking to two children in a museum

Our goal for paid internships is to give every student an opportunity to gain real-world, resumé-buidling work experience.

50+ museums participating

Two students looking out a window next to a museum case with a metal diving helmet inside it

Our students have access to over 100 local museums, galleries, and other non-profits. The opportunities are endless!

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