Museology Master of Arts Program

June 12, 2015

Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Project by Wolf Clifton (2015)

This project saw the creation of an online exhibit, Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence, to encourage and inform ethical consideration of animals and other sentient creatures humans may someday encounter. It was designed to highlight the latest scientific discoveries from astrobiology and AI research, which may bring us in contact with other intelligent beings in the not–‐too–‐distant future, and animal behavior science, which reveals the intelligence of the creatures with whom we already coexist. It also drew on cultural and philosophical perspectives to guide visitors in reevaluating their own relationships with non–‐human beings. As the online exhibit format is still poorly understood by museum professionals and scholars, Beyond Human required experimentation in adapting principles of real–‐ world exhibit design to a digital medium. Beyond Human was hosted by the animal rights charity Animal People, Inc., and is currently viewable online at


Keywords: project, exhibitions, online exhibits


Clifton, W.G. (2015). Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence. Unpublished master’s project, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.