Museology Master of Arts Program


November 21, 2019

Who Are Art Exhibitions For?: An Investigation into Narrative Choice and Public Reaction in Art Museums

Thesis by Grace J. Rotwein (2017)

November 20, 2019

(Dis)Connected: Curating A Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center

Project by Kayla D. Harriel (2017)

Is Wall Color Significant to Museum Visitors? Exploring the Impact Wall Color in an Exhibit has on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Amy E. Gorton (2017)

Inspire: Understanding Scent Inclusion in Museum Settings

Thesis by Molly J. Bishop (2017)

Finding Clarity in Collaboration: Practitioner Perspectives of Collaborative Exhibition Development

Thesis by Caitlin Mosher (2018)

June 10, 2016

Does Music Matter to Museum Visitors?: Understanding the Effect of Music in an Exhibit on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Briana Brenner (2016)

How Can We Talk About It?: Disrupting Heteronormativity Through Historic House Museums

Thesis by Joshua Buckner (2016)

Curating Secrets Can…Exploring the Potential for Interactive and Emotional Exhibits

Master’s Project by Rebecca Fronczak (2016)

Exhibiting Community: Using Collected Interviews in a Small Interactive Exhibit

Master’s Project by Christina¬†Januszewski (2016)

Saving Space: Exhibit Design in Small Spaces

Master’s Project by Peter Kleinpass (2016)

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