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#ExploreSeattle – Fremont Sunday Market

Welcome to our our first installment of #ExploreSeattle from the exploratory perspective of second year Museology student Libbie Barnes! Libbie is originally from Austin, Texas, with a BA in Maritime Studies and a minor in Museum Studies with a focus in Marine Archeology. She is currently working at the Center of Wooden Boats in the Development Department and is undoubtedly destined for a flourishing career with many nautical adventures on the horizon. In this series, Libbie shares her experiences and…

#DemystifyingThesis with Gabbie Mangaser

by Liz Mehrmann Gabbie Mangaser is developing a program at the Burke Museum that connects Southeast Asian identifying visitors to their cultural heritage through the museum’s collection. Participants choose a piece that resonates with them, and create a deliverable of their choice (such as a blog post, social media post, or poster to display in the studio) to gain a greater understanding of their cultural roots.

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Luke

By Linda Lee Growing up, the slightest age difference could make a world of difference. I remember looking at students a few grades above me in middle school and swearing they already wore the fatigue and facial hair of tax paying adults. The age gap shrinks as we all walk in tandem towards earlier bedtimes, excessive vitamin consumption, and crippling hangovers, and suddenly, we enter grad school and speak to our professors on a first name basis. The beauty of…