Museology Master of Arts Program


March 3, 2022

Course highlight: Introduction to Museology

by Purim Junkham (He/him)

February 18, 2022

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Luke

By Linda Lee Growing up, the slightest age difference could make a world of difference. I remember looking at students a few grades above me in middle school and swearing they already wore the fatigue and facial hair of tax paying adults. The age gap shrinks as we all walk in tandem towards earlier bedtimes,…

February 3, 2022

Student Voices: Exploring Seattle 

By Chin-Yun (Claudia) Cheng

January 21, 2022

The nightmare that is thesis..

We’re all thinking it By Linda Lee

January 10, 2022

The Mind and Mood Matter

Taking care of your mental health in the wake of global collapse By Linda Lee

December 8, 2021

Plant love

The use of Horticulture Therapy as an everyday source of wellness By Linda Lee

December 3, 2021

Putting the cape away

Personal reminders to stay grounded when pursuing change as an emerging museum professional By Linda Lee

July 19, 2021

Student experience in the Specialization in Museum Evaluation

Since the start of this specialization in 2010, 114 students have completed the Specialization in Evaluation and completed 36 projects. Previous evaluation studies have explored topics such as: family learning, visitor expectations/satisfaction, visitor behavior and experiences, museum resource utilization, and school group engagement. This year’s 2021 cohort has a record high number of students completing…

June 2, 2021

Faculty/Course Spotlight – Geneva Griswold

This blog is part of the Museology Faculty/Course spotlight series, which consists of short interviews with our new faculty to discuss and reflect on inclusive teaching, their learning outcomes, some of their course highlights, and what they learned from their teaching experience. Our next spotlight is with Geneva Griswold, who is a guest lecturer with…

May 10, 2021

Internship Spotlight – Marie Baeta

This post is part of an Internship Spotlight series, which consists of short interviews with our students who have completed internship positions. The interview reflects on what the student learned from the experience and any advice they’d give to individuals looking for internships. Our next spotlight is with Marie Baeta, a second year UW Museology…

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