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Making the world a better place starts here

We believe that you will become storytellers, dialogue facilitators, community liaisons, designers, evaluators, researchers, project managers, and more. You will make the world a better place through your work in museums.

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Admissions rubric

Our admissions committee reviews each application through the rubric below to find students who are inspired by the idea of using museums to create stronger communities. If that’s you, we are excited to review your application.

Accessible Accordion

We look for applicants whose professional or lived experiences make a significant contribution to the cohort or museum field, and who demonstrate a strong commitment to creating and sustaining an inclusive learning environment in the Museology program.

We want to see an academic focus that is well aligned with the Program’s areas of expertise. That means having a clear understanding of our Program and why it’s a good fit for the applicant. How will the applicant’s interests and expertise make a significant contribution to the overall cohort? We are looking for a diversity of academic backgrounds, which might include the hard sciences, social sciences, humanities or research, education, and design.

This means having an exceptional academic track record; showing evidence of analytical thinking, quality writing, and passion for a relevant aspect of the museum field; and strong academic references.

We look for relevant experience related to the applicant’s stated area of interest, along with exceptional professional recommendation letters.

In addition to our Program criteria above, you must meet the following University of Washington minimum requirements:*

*Please note that Museology does not accept applications for Visiting Scholar or Graduate Non-Matriculated enrollment.