Museology Master of Arts Program

Students’ Theses

March 7, 2017

Rocking the boat: Exhibition methods of storytelling the experience of gender & sexuality in museums

Thesis by Sarah Elizabeth Olivo (2015) The goal of this qualitative exploratory research was to identify and describe emerging models for telling/sharing stories of female-identified and LGBTQ experience in museum exhibition. The research investigated interpretation methods of four different participants whose purpose was to tell historically marginalized experience. The projects were the GLBT History Museum,…

Audio elements: Understanding current uses of sound in museum exhibits

Thesis by Jeremy Beliveau (2015) Sound is increasingly used as an interpretive tool in a variety of museum exhibits, but currently accepted practices are not well understood by professionals across the field. This study surveyed eight exhibit design professionals across four museums in the Pacific Northwest, to describe the motivations and factors that influence their…