Husky 100

November 1, 2016

Spotlight on Katherine Pratt

Katherine PrattKatherine Pratt

Corvallis, OR
PhD Electrical Engineering ’19

Why did you apply for the Husky 100?

I applied for the Husky 100 because I wanted to share my non-traditional student journey and how much impact one person can have as a multidisciplinary engineer and engineering advocate. I mentor middle school girls in STEA^2M (STEM + Arts and Aviation). I advocate for awareness of student veterans on campus. My PhD research in the field of neural security is incredibly relevant to the future of human-computer interaction. All together, these activities create a fulfilling and engaging UW experience.

What is your advice for current students who want to become a Husky 100?

I want to encourage prospective Husky 100 to think outside the box with their daily activities. It’s not enough to excel academically and volunteer occasionally. I would ask yourself:

  • What are you studying and why are you studying it?
  • Do you understand the broader impacts of your research and the future of your field?
  • Why do you choose your particular volunteer activities?
  • What makes you different from every other student on campus?

By answering these questions, students can evaluate their experiences and refine them to have the most impact on campus and later in life.

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