Husky 100

November 1, 2016

Spotlight on Stephanie Liou

Stephanie Liou

Stephanie Liou

Taichung, Taiwan
MD Medicine ’18

What are you up to now?
I’m currently in the midst of my third year of med school, which is a busy time as I complete clerkships in six of the core medical specialties. I am loving the clinical, hands-on learning and the fact that I finally get to spend most of my time with patients rather than Powerpoints! My goals for right now are to narrow down my choice of specialty (I am trying to decide between pediatrics, child psychiatry, and family medicine) and to help put on a successful Minority Student Medical Career Fair at the AAMC National Conference in Seattle!

What does being a Husky 100 mean to you?

Stephanie Liou and her mother

Stephanie Liou and her mother at the Husky 100 celebration in May 2016.

Being named one of the inaugural Husky 100 was an incredible honor, especially because my mom was able to attend the celebration. As a single parent, she often had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and even went back to school when I was in high school, so there were many times when she wasn’t able to make it to special events. After I left for college in California, I could only call and send photos when I received awards or recognition. So although I’ve always known that she is proud of me and happy for the amazing opportunities I’ve received, I’ve always wished that I could share more of those moments with her.

The Husky 100 celebration helped make that dream come true, and I will never forget walking into the HUB ballroom and seeing her surrounded by my friends, smiling, waving, and frantically taking way too many photos 🙂

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