Husky 100

November 9, 2016

Spotlight on Daniel Yusupov

Husky 100 DanielDaniel Yusupov

Redmond, WA
BS Neurobiology ’16

What does the Husky 100 award mean to you?

To me, being selected as a member of the Husky 100 was an acknowledgement of my experiences as a Husky. It made me feel as though what I had been working on for the past four years was valued and important. Those who worked closest with me also knew how hard I had worked to positively impact my community, and were ecstatic to hear that I was selected as a member of the Husky 100.

To my family, being part of the inaugural class meant making history. Our names are literally in the book as the first 100 students to be awarded the Husky 100, and that will be part of UW’s history forever.

Have you taken advantage of Career & Internship Center services available as a Husky 100, and if so, how did it help you?

Yes I have! I met with my career adviser to get an idea of how I could work toward accomplishing my goals, and she helped me discover resources available to me as an alumni. I also had a mock medical school interview at the Career Center, which was wildly helpful.

What are you up to these days?

I am currently in the process of applying to medical school. I am also working for EZ Robotic Trading, a start-up automated stock trading platform, and as an alumni adviser for the Golden Key chapter at UW.

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