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Focus and Purpose

The purpose of this website is to provide the UW Healthcare Components Group (HCCG) a central location for accessing valuable information about privacy, security and healthcare compliance.

Privacy and Compliance Program Statements


Monitor UW Healthcare Components Group policies and procedure to ensure adherence to the organization’s privacy and information security policies and procedures.

Ongoing security risk assessment and reporting of program’s privacy and information security compliance and effectiveness.


Engage the UW Healthcare Components Group to ensure their program’s privacy and information security compliance and communicate information for awareness and action.

Coordinate the tracking and reporting of incidents involving breaches of healthcare information in compliance with federal and state laws.


Develop privacy and information security standards and utilize continuous process improvement to maintain the standards.

Update and maintain healthcare compliance education, training, and outreach in accordance with legal and regulatory updates, observations of auditing, investigations, and risk assessment.


Deal with problems quickly and effectively and provide clear and concise responses.


Carefully listen to colleagues from the UW Healthcare Components Group with courtesy before expressing the viewpoint. Encourage group members to express opinions and ideas.


At the University of Washington, diversity is integral to excellence. The CRS-Privacy and Compliance team believe that allowing new ideas and diverse perspectives among our UW Healthcare Components Group can lead to greater innovation and operational excellence.