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Healthcare Privacy Compliance

The Privacy and Compliance Program mission is to assist and support the UW Healthcare Components Group (HCCG) in achieving its operational and strategic goals by establishing standards, through educational outreach, reviewing changes to the laws and regulations that impact operations, evaluating compliance and conducting investigations of allegations of non-compliance.

As the subject matter expert, Healthcare Privacy Compliance provides:

  • An understanding of requirements
  • Clear reporting of events/incidents that are potential breaches of healthcare information and a methodology for elevating issues to the Executive Office, which is the only common reporting for all these units
  • Coordinate, consult and oversight of patient information protection requirements for UW Healthcare Components not included in the UW Medicine affiliated covered entity

The Healthcare Privacy Compliance is grateful for the ongoing support of the University of Washington’s mission and values and its commitment to making the right choices. The office will continue to build upon the UW Healthcare Components Group by supporting their leadership in patient care, teaching, research and community service.