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Hazing Prevention Student Course

“Hazing Prevention 101 – College Edition” is a foundational, required online prevention and response course about hazing. 

At the University of Washington, we remain committed to fostering environments where you can grow and learn through becoming an active campus member. As a UW student, you play a vital role in ensuring that all students feel respected and valued through the organizations you are a member of. 

Access the student course here:

”Hazing Prevention 101” – College Edition

Course FAQ’S

All incoming students at the University of Washington are expected to complete the course during their orientation process.

Click the Hazing Prevention link to be directed to the course. You must be a current UW student and use your UW NetId to sign in to the course platform. If you are experiencing challenges accessing the course, please email This email is monitored Monday through Friday, 9 am – 4 pm. We will attempt to respond within 24 hours.

The course should take students 45 – 60 minutes to complete. Yes, you can complete the course in sections.

You can complete the course on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your device must be connected to Wi-Fi or the internet.

The course has many accessibility tools for those with disabilities. If you need additional support or tools to complete the program, please contact

At this moment, students are strongly encouraged to complete the program. In the future, there may be different accountability systems in place. Communication regarding that will be sent in the fall.

Yes, this course is specific to the University of Washington and contains information every student needs. This course may build on the information you have learned in other courses. 

Hazing Reporting FAQ’S

If you must report a hazing concern or allegation, please select your campus to direct you to the right form.




You may remain anonymous with your report; however, please provide the following information:

  • Time/Date – if possible
  • Location – if possible
  • Student(s) Involved – please provide a group or individual(s)
  • Description of Event – please provide as much detail as possible
  • Evidence – please upload any evidence you may have (i.e., pictures, text messages)

Once you submit your report, our office will review the allegations and decide what to do next.

Please utilize the following resources if you have or might have been a victim of hazing.

Please get in touch with the Hazing Prevention and Response Specialist to complete a report or seek additional resources at

Sam’s Law (H.B. 1751) has an amnesty policy built in. The following is that policy:

“A person who witnesses hazing or has reasonable cause to believe hazing has occurred or will occur and makes a report in good faith may not be sanctioned or punished for the violation of hazing unless the person is directly engaged in the planning, direction, or act of hazing reported.”