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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Gordie Center:

The Gordie Center is located at the University of Virginia and houses many resources for students and organizations, including alcohol, hazing, and drugs. is a searchable database of resources and hazing incidents across the United States. Sam Martinez was hazed at Washington State University in 2019, causing his death. His parents, Jolayne Houtz and Hector Martinez, advocate for changes in Washington and the United States. They formed this database to provide students and families with data to make informed decisions about the social organizations they are interested in joining.

Hazing Prevention Network: 

The Hazing Prevention Network’s goal is to educate individuals on the dangers of hazing, advocate for change, and utilize stakeholders to incorporate strategies on campus.

Penn State University – Piazza Center:

The Timothy J. Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research is at Penn State University. Timothy J. Piazza died from pledging activities as a sophomore in February 2017, and this research center was named after him. The goal of the center is to provide research-based prevention methods to shift the minds of students and universities.


StopHazing’s goal is to promote safe school, campus, and organizational changes through shared resources, research, and data-driven strategies for hazing prevention. They have a lot of free resources for student organizations and employees.