UW Commencement

School and Departmental Ceremonies

In addition to the official Commencement ceremony at Husky Stadium, there are over 100 school, college, departmental, and student organization graduation celebrations. Most take place during the week before Commencement or on the morning of Commencement Day. Links to event pages for each of schools, departments, or groups listed below will be added as information becomes available (beginning in Feb/March 2023).

If you need immediate information about a school, college or departmental ceremony, please contact them directly.

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Built Environments

Michael G. Foster School of Business

School of Dentistry

College of Education

      • College of Education Graduation Celebration
      • Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership (IAL) (Administration & Coaching)

College of Engineering
Allen School

College of the Environment

      • School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
      • School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
      • School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS)
      • School of Oceanography
      • Earth and Space Sciences
      • Marine Biology
      • Program on the Environment (Environmental Studies)
      • Atmospheric Sciences

Information School

      • Information School Convocation

School of Law

School of Medicine

      • Physicians Oath and Hooding
      • Interdisciplinary Biomedical PhD Hooding
      • Bioengineering (College of Engineering)
      • Medical Laboratory Science
      • Department of Ophthalmology
      • Global Health
      • MEDEX Graduation Celebration–Seattle (TBD Please contact Medex@uw.edu for further information)
      • MEDEX Graduation Celebration–Spokane (TBD  Please contact Medex@uw.edu for further information)
      • MEDEX Graduation Celebration–Tacoma (TBD Please contact Medex@uw.edu for further information)
      • MEDEX Graduation Celebration–Anchorage (TBD Please contact Medex@uw.edu for further information)
      • Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduation Celebration
      • Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education
      • Master of Occupational Therapy Graduation Celebration
      • Rheumatology Fellowship 2022 Graduation

School of Nursing

      • School of Nursing Convocation

School of Pharmacy

      • Graduate Recognition Ceremony
      • Plein Geriatric Certificate Reception

Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

      • Evans School Convocation

School of Public Health

      • School of Public Health Graduation Celebration
      • Department of Epidemiology Graduation Ceremony
      • Department of Health Systems & Population Health: Community-Oriented Public Health Practice (COPHP)
      • Department of Health Systems and Population Health PhD Graduation
      • Department of Health Systems and Population Health MPH Graduation
      • Department of Health Services MPH/MS
      • MHA Recognition Ceremony
      • EMHA Graduation Celebration
      • Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS)
      • Global Health Graduation Celebration
      • Department of Health Services PhD Graduation Celebration
      • Biostatistics & IPHG Graduation Celebration
      • Nutritional Sciences

School of Social Work

Other UW ceremonies

      • UW Bothell Commencement
      • UW Tacoma Commencement

Commissioning ceremonies

Other celebrations

      • Alumni Association Grad Toast
      • Black Graduation and Kente Ceremony
      • Dream Project, Husky Leadership Initiative & Jumpstart Graduation Ceremony
      • Filipino Graduation Celebration
      • FIUTS Graduation Reception
      • Honors Program Graduation
      • Student-Athlete Graduation Reception
      • La Raza Graduation
      • Lavender Graduation
      • Pasifik Graduation Celebration
      • Phi Beta Kappa
      • Native Graduation
      • Robinson Center for Young Scholars
      • UW Academy and Early Entrance Program
      • Veteran Celebration of Excellence and Challenge Coin Ceremony